Sunday, June 13, 2010

Graduation Cakes! Weeks 1, 2, and 3!

I have graduated and now am free! - From high school at least.  Of course, I could not leave without leaving a small cake impression.  Total orders: 5.

Week 1: Congratulations Lizzie! Class of 2010 (May 29th)

Liz ordered a 50 piece cupcake cake, red velvet with bright pink frosting and light green complimentary icing. Unfortunately, the cake slid off the board during transport and had to be reassembled with care when I got there. (And this is why the photo shoots are done BEFORE the cake leaves the safe counter top.)

Week 2: Congratulations Katie! Class of 2010 (June 5th)

This cake was a SURPRISE cake for a friend of mine.  Her sister and I secretly coordinated through email. She ordered a 14" Gold cake with traditional vanilla buttercream. A color scheme of green and white.  It was beautiful! Stood a royal 5" tall!

Week 3: Congratulations Anya! "Ten miles behind me, and ten thousand more to go." (June 13th)

I had the most fun with Anya's cake.  She ordered my Tiffany Chocolate cake with Mocha Buttercream and a dripped Ghiradelli chocolate ganache. I dropped it off earlier this morning, and I'm sure that by now it has attacked by a large knife and an army of white plastic forks.

This is the followup cake for the post before, where I made essentially the same cake - just smaller.  The ganache did not set as well on Anya's cake as it did on that practice cake.  Still good though!

And if I may say, writing with buttercream on freshly poured chocolate is a CHALLENGE!

This cake also stood 5" tall.

Two more cakes follow for Weeks 4 & 5. A three tier gold cake with strawberry buttercream, and a 14" marble cake with chocolate buttercream.