Sunday, May 2, 2010

Personal Finance Cupcake Cakes PLUS New board presentation :D (and cheesecake)

Many undertakings between yesterday and today: a cheesecake for the party friday after the AP english exam, two cupcake cakes of 33 and 38 cupcakes as ordered by the personal finance teacher - thought he might never indulge - the attempt of making strawberry buttercream (for a filling in my next cake) and OH! yes, my pairing with gumpaste yesterday afternoon from 11am to midnight and then some.

Cheesecake: (the final picture will be coming) A bottle of nail polish is provided to show how incredibly massive this thing is. Just unmolded it (took it out of the springform pan) and it is GLORIOUS! the crust is a bit hard though, and i'm not a cheesecake aficionado to understand what it means. Came out of the pan perfectly. Recipe used: New York Cheesecake with Shortbread crust.

BOARD DECOR! -  Just had a bridal shower in the family and nan bought a roll of adhesive wrapping  paper (on accident - she wanted regular) she gave the roll to me and I used it to cover the cake board! Worked like a charm because of its gentle adhesive quality (although it still needed some tape to stay put).

And the cupcake cakes for personal finance: (on said cake board paper) -

Along with some other cake shots:

The paper definitely adds an extra ounce of special.

And the gumpaste attempt - The next cake will involve lilies, which were going to be made out of gumpaste. I have NEVER used gumpaste before (eh, not true: Check the shoes and pearls on the Africa Cake) HOWEVER this was soo difficult. soo. nothing can compare. So, after spending a good 13 hours in one chair (granted i was baking the cupcakes and cheesecake at the same time) I produced this lovely beauty of a flower, which sadly resembles more of a poinsetta than a stargazer lily. I will bring this to the person and ask if she would like silk flowers instead. :(      And YES - I am aware - the stamens are missing. They were fresh out at michaels. I don't know how i'm going to get a hold of some... Also, I need a finer paint brush for the brown spots.

And now - TO CLEAN! and make the strawberry buttercream. I hope I don't have any homework due tomrorrow...