Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Sweet 16 & Sweet 1st with Fondant

It's been a LONG week - that much is for sure. More actually, much more. This week I FINALLY created a delicious strawberry buttercream, covered my first fondant cake (real fondant, i'm talking here) and achieved double-grounding myself, but no big deal. I brought enough cake home and three extra large slices of superhero sub that will hopefully appeal the management, I shall also have to clean *spotless* both my bedroom and the kitchen. That might do it. I also turned eighteen, which unfortunately I still cannot begin experimenting with liquor and cooking...

Order of events: Creating strawberry buttercream, compiling a cake, transporting, and eating. 

Strawberry buttercream is no different from any other Swiss Meringue Buttercream - its basically just fresh strawberries, washed clean and hulled, added into vanilla buttercream whisking in the mixer. There is no need to make a sweetened puree, no need to boil strawberries over the stove... 

And filling the cake:

Alas, delicious. AND LOOK AT THOSE LAYERS! So Even! 

I Love my job.