Sunday, May 20, 2012

Plans for Summer and Testing my New Stuff!

I HAVE A JOB! I'm going to be working in the Hannaford Bakery in Maine and staying with my Gram in her summer trailer. The accommodations are cramped but the weather is beautiful, the people are happy, and life will be swell. My only reservations about the job are baking-related; my favorite part of the game is making the cake and buttercream, and grocery stores can't afford to play that game.

So, IF I get the cake decorating shift, I'll have to clock a 7-minute cake. That's bare cake to completion, maybe a little time extra for personalization. It seems I'll have to collect my creative spare change in a jar for my spare time. I'm thinking of using it for honing my painting skills and painting scenes of the town in Maine I'll be in. Seems like a fun summer project.

But, anyways, onto the fun stuff! I got home and found my beautiful second mixer bowl (which is still in the box because I really have no used for it right now... oops) and the 11 WIRE WHIP! (Yep, that's the name, it seems to me it should be called the "wire whisk") Here is the 'whip' compared to my old one:

I was going to whip up some cupcakes so I could test out the new whisk but decided not to, instead we picked up heavy cream and made some whipped cream. It didn't take any time at all.

Oh! I made a sale on etsy, here is the finished product: